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"I want to thanks for quick and very professional fixing my washing machine. Yours engineer was friendly and know what he doing. I'm very happy that I'm pick up your service. "I would like to express my grateful thanks for the excellent service I received last week (Sept 2nd) when two young men came to repair my Miele dishwasher  Not only did they do a very good job but they were kind and courteous. I hope you will pass on these comments to them. "Great, quick and efficient service! The guys that came round to fix my washing machine were polite, helpful, and got the job done in a flash! perfect! many thanks!" "You guys succeeded where Whirlpool failed !! Having waited almost five weeks for Whirlpool to fix our side by side fridge freezer, and after they incorrectly diagnosed the fault, then when they found the real fault they could not get the part, you got the part and fixed it within a week. Good service, good prices , a refreshingly pleasant telephone service and an efficient helpful and polite engineer. Well done and thanks, hope you all have a great Christmas."
Appliance Advice Centre

We are proud that we can offer honest, complete and effective support to our customers. However, we are often called out to problems that you, the customer, can resolve yourself.
Select one of the different types of appliances to obtain more information on practices that you can safely do to get your appliance running again.
We do not recommend customers carrying out their own repairs as you must be a competent engineer to do so. We pride our selves on offering the best service for our customers.

Washing Machine

The machine won't empty Check that the filter/pump is not blocked. Most machines have petrol cap style cap in the plinth area, this needs to be turned. If the machine is full of water you may want to put some towels on the floor! Also check the connection at the sink trap. Remove the outlet pipe and ensure the connection is free flowing.
The machine won't spin Check that the load has not become unbalanced. Machines have a balance detector on them and if your load is heavy or one sided there will be a problem. Bath mats and large towels pose a particular problem and adding more washing can resolve the problem. Check you haven't selected a spin cancelling button or knob. Maybe your motor brushes are worn and need to be replaced. These are usually straight forward to replace but this should be done by a competent engineer.
The machine leaks on the floor Check the soap dispenser unit has not become blocked. These units need regular maintenance to clean away soap build up and black gunge. Remove the drawer and clean well and also clean inside the dispenser housing with a long brush to remove any gunge. Also check the door seal and door glass to ensure there is a good connection between both.
The machine smells or gives off a bad odour This is very common when doing repeated low wash temperatures. (30 to 40 DEG). The detergent and dirt don't all get washed away and build up in a smelly sludge in the bottom of the drum and door seal. We highly recommend customers who do lots of low temperature washing to do a 90 DEG maintenance wash once a month. Once a door seal becomes dirty it is almost impossible to clean it off and the seal needs replacing.
No water comes into the machine Check the taps have not been turned off or is the pipe kinked? It is also good to check the water has not been turned off elsewhere. If you hear a buzzing noise from the machine it sounds as though there is no water to the machine.
The machine is very noisy when spinning The main reason is drum bearings have worn out and need to be replaced. Usually this job is now not cost effective. There may also be coins, nails or bra wire in the drum and these can be removed fairly easily. There may also be an obstruction in the pump. See section "Machine won't empty!”
The machine has no power Have you checked the appliance is turned on at the socket? This sounds very obvious but often there are sockets and spur boxes hidden from view and these may have inadvertently been turned off. This especially applies to integrated appliances where sockets etc are hidden away. It is good to check the plug fuse and ensure the plug is properly seated in the socket.

Tumble Dryers

The machine won't heat correctly Check that the vent is clear and also check outside that the grill is also clear and the air is blowing out freely. You can also check the hose to ensure it has not become kinked. Also check the fluff filter and if you have a condenser dryer check the condensing unit is clear and fitted correctly.
The drum won’t rotate This is a very common fault and is possibly due to a break in the drive belt. This will require an engineer to replace. The machine has no power Have you checked the appliance is turned on at the socket? This sounds very obvious but often there are sockets and spur boxes hidden from view and these may have inadvertently been turned off. This especially applies to integrated appliances where sockets etc are hidden away. It is good to check the plug fuse and ensure the plug is properly seated in the socket.

The dishwasher is not washing very well This is a very common problem and is often due to poor maintenance. Check the spray arms are both clear of blockages and are spinning freely. Sometimes just one hole being blocked with cause a spray arm to stop rotating causing poor wash results. Also clean main filter and scrub the micro filter. It also helps to run a cleaner product through on hot cycle. These can be purchased through any good supermarket. It is vital to use a good quality detergent, we recommend Finish
The dishwasher is not emptying Clean the filters and check the sump area is clear of all food debris including pips etc. Check the connection between the waste pipe and the sink waste connection. Some appliances have an access panel inside the appliance to clear obstructions in the pump. See your instruction book for advice on accessing this. If you cannot hear the outlet pump running then there is probably an obstruction in it and you will need an engineer to remove this.
The machine has no power Have you checked the appliance is turned on at the socket? This sounds very obvious but often there are sockets and spur boxes hidden from view and these have inadvertently been turned off. This especially applies to integrated appliances where sockets etc are hidden away. It is good to check the plug fuse and ensure the plug is properly seated in the socket. Is the dishwasher door shut properly?
The dishwasher is making a funny noise Some noises are perfectly normal, for example, the drain valve opening to pump out water or the timer control as the cycle progresses. Often it's just a wash item that has come loose or dropped into the rack so make sure everything is secure. Please also consult your dishwasher’s manual.


The machine has no power Have you checked the appliance is turned on at the socket? This sounds very obvious but often there are sockets and spur boxes hidden from view and these have inadvertently been turned off. This especially applies to integrated appliances where sockets etc are hidden away. It is good to check the plug fuse and ensure the plug is properly seated in the socket.
The lights are on, but there is no noise and the interior isn’t cold This is very common problem and is probably due to a faulty thermostat. This can be replaced very easily but requires an engineer to fit.
The freezer is cold but the fridge is warm Depending on the type of appliance this could be different faults. If you have a frost-free appliance there could well be an ice build up in the freezer compartment and this is stopping the air flow to the fridge section. This may be due to a number of different reasons. It is worth however allowing the freezer section to defrost naturally by switching off the appliance for 24-48 hours and then switching back on and seeing if this has cured the fault. Quite often this fault is caused by somebody leaving the freezer door open for a prolonged period.
The machine leaks onto the floor or leaks inside This fault is sure to be due to a blocked defrost channel or pipe. In a fridge check where the defrost water exits and clear hole with a thin wire or pipe cleaner. Pouring very hot water through the hole will often clear away food debris that may have built up. On a freezer it will require removing the rear panel to access the defrost hole and you may need an engineer to do this.


The fan runs but there is no heat This is the most common problem with fan ovens and is probably a fault with the fan element. These are usually straight forward to replace but this should be done by a competent engineer.
The oven will not turn on Check to ensure the oven clock is not set to automatic operation. If you have manual clock try turning the clock knobs to get function back onto manual, this is sometimes symbolised by a hand symbol. Electronic clocks, try pushing the buttons in to reset the clock.

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London Washing Machine Repair When your washing machine breaks down in London it can sometimes seem like the end of the world. For a start you have to head out to the laundrette to get things clean or choose a kindly neighbour washing machine or relative who can wash your clothes for you. That's, of course, as long as your trousers aren't still stuck in the washing machine. Thank goodness for washing machine repair Appliance Repair Services in London who can sort out all your problems in double quick time. Use washing machine Appliance Repair Services site of washing machine repair in West east south London to find the appliance who can help you in your hour of need. Here you'll also find washing machine Appliance Repair, Domestic Appliance Repair, Washing Machine Repairs. All the information you need about Washing Machine Repair in London should be in washing machine Appliance Repair Services for east south London. Find it here or on the next few east south London or Central London services.

Service for All types of Domestic Refrigerators, Repairs to all Domestic Fridges - Freezers. London Freezer There's offers of many to be had at the satisfy freezer food ages in West London. Here you can seeking enough to significantly the family for smaller you'll find everything in aa appliance service repair for freezers in West east central London. This is where you'll also find American Fridge Freezer ,Bosch Fridge Freezer, Cheap Fridge Freezer, Freezers, Fridge Freezer. Don't trawl the West London high streets to find a name in Freezer to trust, use this essential guide to Freezer in West London to help you find what you need. Fridge Repairs Specialist in London Domestic Refrigerators Using Genuine and Generic Parts. Door Seals, Electrical–Defrosting–Ice-Temp Faults, Water Leaks. ridges and Freezers. All Work Fully Guaranteed.

London Cooker Repair If you need to buy one of the latest cookers. When it comes to cooking you should find everything you need to plan many culinary delights in the AA Appliance Repair for London to cooking in West south east London. Here you'll also find Aga Cooker, Belling Cooker, Cooker Hood, Cookers, Electric Cooker. Find what you're looking for in West London with the AA Appliance Repair for West London Cooker. It's your essential guide to Cooker in West London and shows you the services available in West London and online. Service and repairs to all makes of Duel Fuel, and Electric Cookers. Covering the whole of London, Essex, Surrey, Kent and the surrounding areas. Cooker Repair Service's friendly staff offer you over 35 years experience and a promise of quality service. We understand the inconvenience that a broken cooker can cause which is why we always strive to provide you with a fast and efficient service with flexibility to fit in with your needs.

Your appliance Electric Oven repair was built for many years of dependable operation but it may require some maintenance from time to time so you can continue to revolutionize meal preparation in your kitchen. Are you finding that no heat is coming from the oven or that the elements on the stove top are not heating up? That’s where your aa appliance repair service can step in and make those repairs. Because AA appliance repair service only focuses on AA appliance repair, we know your Oven better than any other repair service center. Don’t waste your valuable time dealing with repairs trust your London Oven to the AA appliance repair service . Don’t take on the repair yourself rely on the knowledge and expertise of your appliance repair service . For a service appointment, call today. For exemplary personalized AA appliance repair service please give us a call and speak to one of our customer care providers to schedule an appointment at your convenience, or schedule service online. Choose AA Appliance Repair Service ... because we’re committed to exemplary customer service we’re committed to you! We repair all models and brands of ovens in london . When your oven experiences problems such as inaccurate temperature, smell of gas or any other issues, let us take care of it. Our london oven repair team is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are in the south north London west london or central london area, and want a professional to install repair or maintain your air conditioning, heating or air cleaning and filtration system contact us. We provide 24-hour emergency air conditioning service to keep your home and office air conditioner and heater working efficiently and effectively. London, washing machine repairs, washing machine servicing, washing machine engineers, washing machine repairers, tumble dryer repairs, tumble dryer servicing, tumble dryer engineers, tumble dryer repairers, dishwasher repairs, dishwasher machine servicing, dishwasher engineers, dishwasher repairers, gas cooker repairs, electrical cooker repairs, gas cooker repairs, servicing, gas cooker repairs, engineers, repairers, condenser dryer repairs, condenser dryer servicing, condenser dryer engineers, condenser dryer repairers, washer dryer repairs, washer dryer servicing, washer dryer engineers, washer dryer repairers, repair washing machine, repair washer dryer, repair condenser dryer, repair dishwasher, repair electrical cooker

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